The Bakery


Humble Beginnings

Ashton grew up helping her mom in the kitchen and was almost destined to pursue a career in baking because of it. Her fondest childhood memories are those of her mom, Vivian, and grandma, Suzanne, rolling out perfect, made-from-scratch pie crusts in their home's small kitchen. When all the crusts were rolled out, Ashton's grandma would let her have the left over dough to craft her own creations (that were usually covered in cinnamon and sugar).  


Pies R Us

As word began to spread about how delicious Vivian and Suzanne's desserts were, they began getting more special order requests for their pies. Eventually, the demand was so great that, in 2007, they decided to create a formal catering business they dubbed "Pies R Us." Ashton was only 11 years old when Pies R Us was created. None the less, she was always very eager to "help" (knowing she'd be rewarded with a slice of pie later).


The Bakery

In high school, Ashton took all of the Home Ec. classes that Aurora had to offer. She loved getting to spend part of her day in the kitchen and, of course, was always happy to eat the food that was made during class!

After years of watching the pros, and perfecting secret family recipes, Ashton was ready to start her own bakery. Because family has been so influential in Ashton's love for baking, The Makers Bakery will always involve and revolve around such. Currently, she is only taking orders by request. However, her storefront at 1123 12th Street in Aurora will be open for business in the spring of 2019!