The Bakers

Our Bakery


The Makers was created in 2018 but our bakers have been creating delicious desserts since 2007. As cooking shows become more popular, customers keep coming up with more elaborate designs for their pastries. Many large scale bakeries were able to meet these demands but not without sacrificing flavor. We think that's unacceptable! Our designers have refused to replace quality for detail and, instead, figured out how to deliver both. Each one of our pastries are made from scratch and decorated by hand. Along with our scrumptious sweets, we also offer specialty loaf bread, bagels, and ready-to-bake mixes that are created fresh in our kitchen!  The bakery will also serve breakfast and lunch daily after opening on April 23rd!



 Check out our online menu and then stop in for our homemade breakfast and lunch options. Need something fast? We also offer fresh grab-and-go items!

Special Orders


Have an upcoming meeting, event, or holiday gathering? Let us help you make it memorable by creating a unique pastry spread full of pies, cookies, bars or a combination of all!